For prospective foreign students 2014/2015:

A short presentation of Skjeberg Folkehøyskole

The aim of Skjeberg Folkehøyskole is to develop personal initiative, critical thinking and responsibility for our common future. Through close contact with fellow students and teachers, we hope that the individual develops political and cultural interests. Skjeberg Folkehøyskole is situated between Sarpsborg and Fredrikstad, approximately 60 miles south-east of Oslo. The school is conveniently located 1/2 a mile from the main highway (E6) linking Norway and Sweden. - Skjeberg Folkehøyskole is owned by Østfold County.

The students choose their main subject (fagfelt) before attending school: Aktiv ( focus on voulentary work ang Health )Film and Filmproduction, Culture and radiojournalism (kultur og radiojournalistikk), Graphic design (grafisk design), Music and music production (musikk og musikkproduksjon), Photography (fotofag), Radio - and TV-journalism (radio - og TV-journalistikk) and Sports and journalism (sportsjournalistikk og idrett). Each subject area covers 20 lessons per week.

Aktiv - This program fokus on voulentary work and health. Together with different organizations the students will join in and work together. In Mars/April they will join Sportsjournalism and og to Luzaka, Zambia.

Film and filmproduction - The Group focus on telling storys and produce movies. From an idea to a product the students will learn how to create their own movies. Mars/April the group will og to London.    

Culture and radiojournalism. - This educational programme strives at developing the students abilities to exspress themselves in writing, and to increase their knowledge of film, music and literature history. The study includes newspaper journalism, and also web journalism. Other main activities are digital photography and lay out. The studens will make a study trip together wit Radio and Tv-journalism to Cuba.

Graphic design. - This educational program concentrates on giving students the practical and theoretical ability to express themselves visually. The course has the following main activities: Typography, layout, street art, digital photography and photoshop, various creative techniques, drawing by hand and by computer programmes. By working with defined projects the students will be trained in the process from the initial idea to the final result. The program also has a course in creative writing. The students will make study trips to different cities in Europe.

Music and music production. - This educational programme aims at developing the student's musical skills. Among these areas, students will work with Afro-American music (blues, jazz and rock). Together with their peers, students will participate in different bands as well as perform in many different concerts. Activities include voice and instrumental techniques, improvisation, arrangement and composition. The programme also includes music production with emphasis on rhythmic/electrical music and practical work in our recording studio. The group will study different musictopics in London, Berlin and Frankfurt.

Photography. - This educational programme focuses on giving students practical and theoretical knowledge on creative communication through photographic work. The course includes both traditional black& white photography/darkroom and digital photography/photoshop. The course includes various elements in photo genre such as portrait, documentary, stage and landscape photography. The students will produce several internal exhibitions, and a high quality exhibition in a professional external gallery. On a study tour to New York City the students will experience the photographic spirit of modern artists.

Radio and TV journalism. - This educational programme strives at developing the student's abilities to express himself/herself both orally and in writing. The group concentrates mainly on radio and TV journalism and is responsible for the school's own radio station. The study also includes video and sound technique, TV news, documentary and short film making. The group will go to Cuba to produce radio and TV programs.

Sport and journalism. - This educational programme explores sports in a social context. In addition to sports journalism students receive instruction in several different athletic activities with emphasis on ball games. The study includes newspaper journalism (newspaper production for internal circulation and a newspaper for a local sports club) and press photography. The students will prepare and experience a visit to Lusaka, Zambia, where they in cooperation with the local EduSport Foundation will take part in sports and social activities in the communities.

Each applicant should note the main field that he/she is most interested in. Apart from the main fields of interest, there are a variety of subsidiary subjects to choose from after school begins.

School starts on September 1st. 2015, and ends on May 15 th 2016. Costs, including room and board, varies from Nkr. 76.000, - to Nkr. 81.000, - depending on the choice of main subject.

Please contact:
Skjeberg Folkehøyskole
Oldtidsveien 35, 1747 Skjeberg,

[+47]69117575  Mob.: +4740419855
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